BLL/cc65 tools

  1. Sprite-packer
    This program takes an PCX (8 bit/1 plane or 1 bit/8 planes) as input an creates an sprite-data-file ready to use for Suzy. It supports packed/unpacked, 1..4 bit per pixel and mulit-quadrant sprite.

  2. TurboPacker
    This is a port from a 68k-Atari-ST program which is in fact a LZ-packer.
    The packer recognizes BLL-files and adds a specific header. (see bll/includes/

  3. WAV-Converter
    A little program to convert WAV-files into a more compact format for the Lynx. Includes also a sample-packer (but still buggy :( ).

  4. Unix4Dos
    Unix-like tools for DOS !
    For Win95 look here !

  5. DOS-Uploader
    A simple DOS-uploader with Turbo-C source.

The links point to the source-archives.
A DJGPP-DOS-executable can be found in the download-directory.

(c) 42Bastian Schick
last modified 2004/10/22