This page is dedicated to S.I.M.I.S, a brand new multi-card for the Atari Lynx. The card has 4 games and 4 demos.
Three of them use a build on EEPROM to save highscores !

Which are :

  1. SnakeByte
    A game by Mattias Domin.

    snakebyte-title  snakebyte in-game

  2. Invaders
    A game by me, 42Bastian.
    Well, a Space Invaders (tm) clone, but ...

    invaders-title  invaders-in-game

  3. Mines
    Another tiny game by me.

    mines-title  mines-in-game

  4. Isolation
    A small ComLynx-Game.
    By 42Bastian :)

    isolation-title  isolation-game

  5. Specials
    Four little demos done by Matthias Domin (Dungeon and the MarbleMadness(tm) clone) and me (the W3D-demo and a poly-demo).
    For Matthias demos, take a look at his homepage which shows some pix.
    Here a small picture from the W3D-engine demo, which runs with 6 frames/sec.
For more info please contact Lars Baumstark.

(c) 42Bastian Schick
last modified 1999/08/18