1. General-Overview

Handy is a portable hand held programmable video game. It is totally self contained with its own power source, display screen, fluorescent backlight speaker, and data input reader.

  1. Marketing Feature Set

    The unit is portable, allowing its use in many areas previously untouched by arcade games. The unit is programmable thru the use of small data cartridges. The unit can be privately used with earphones. The marketing advantages are obvious. They can be detailed in a marketing document. Certain advantages, however, are worth mentioning here.

    In addition to using the game in the usual play areas, the player can easily carry the game and several of the compact data cartridges to nearly any play location. For example, long car rides, airplane flights, sales meetings, and visits to relatives. With the use of an earphone, the game can be played without audible disturbance of the other car passengers, relatives, or classmates.

    By adding the expansion module (an infrared communications pod ), many players may play simultaneously and interactively in a common game (car race, space battle, snow ball fight, etc.) Additionally, a matching receiver unit could plug into the joystick connector of a C64 or other game machine and Handy could be used as a wireless joystick.

    Inter game communications can also be done with a wire. Many players can be connected in parallel on the same wire.

  2. External Specification


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