cc65 for Lynx

What is cc65

cc65 is a small-C compiler origanally by John R. Dunning for the Atari XL.
The original version can be found at ,
this one has been modified to serve as X-compiler for the Atari Lynx to be compiled under gcc (or djgpp).
The library and runtime is optimized for the Atari Lynx and uses also 65C02-opcodes.
Look at for another port, which supports various 6502-machines, but which is also more complete than the original version !

Update notes

Library reference


  1. Download the source-archive.Updated : 98/08/18
    It contains the sources for the compiler,assembler,linker,optimizer and a binary to object converter.
    Also the library-source, header-files, runtime-source and last but not least examples.
  2. If you use DOS and don't have DJGPP, go get it.
    Or download the binaries.
  3. Move the archive in the desired directory and unzip it with "-d".
    This will create a directory tree like this :
  4. Set two enviroment-variables needed by cc65/link65
    Add the cc65/bin directory to your PATH-variable.
  5. *nix users, please change the makefiles in the cc65/cc65 and cc65/ra65 directory.
    These will produce executables with the DOS-extension EXE, which you don't need.
  6. Go into cc65 and type :
    make install
    Now, all the executables, the runtime-enviroment and the libraries will be compiled and copied into the cc65/bin or cc65/lib directory..
  7. Type
    make demo
    All the demos will be compiled.

    Note: I need help setting up a configure file. So if anybody knows how to make such...

    Attention !
    Again, I will no longer support this version !

    Download cc65 of 1998/01/14

    (c) 42Bastian Schick
    last modified 2004/10/22