NEW 23/02/01

BJL is now on githup

NEW 99/01/15

A new BJL-Uploader and ROM. Now the ROM supports both 4Bit (works on 99% of PCs) and 8Bit (work on 50%) upload as does the loader. No need to change the cable ! The archive has the sources and an executable for DOS.
The uploader now accepts plain COF(F), means text and data segement in one piece.
BTW: I removed all W95-stuff on my way of debugging. Sorry John.

NEW 98/02/04

Scott provides a modify-service for the US.
Please contact him on terms etc. .

NEW 98/01/26

W95 fans, John Sohn wrote a GUI-version of the BJL-Uploader.
The source is also available.
Please unzip with "-d" and read the readme !!!

NEW 98/01/16

Thanks to Joe Britt I can provide you a BJL-uploader for Intel-Linux.
A new version which now should work on either Linux/DOS and W95 !.
Thanks to John Sohn and Joe Britt !!!
If you only want a DJGPP-compiled DOS-executable : DOWNLOAD

What is 'BJL' ??

BJL is an abreviation we (Lars Baumstark and me) have chosen for our development kit for the Atari Jaguar.
It stands for:
Behind Jaggy Lines.
I do not sell ROMs or cables !

Download the latest (97/07/19) version of BJL.

Get hands on the MOD-replayer sources.
This is a port of tIn !


New (97/06/23):
Well, this will be in future the home of everything concernig BJL.


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